What our clients say


I was diagnosed with ME 20 years ago. I first saw Rachel 3-4 years ago but recently was diagnosed by my GP with severe leg pain caused by nerve irritation. My GP suggested seeing a Chiropractor, I went to see Rachel the treatment helped to relieve the pain considerable. I was immediately off medication and began to be able to move around. (I had been using crutches as I could not support myself due to the pain). Rachel has a holistic approach, and a vast knowledge of how the body works outside her Chiropractic training, which is so important with a disability such as ME. I would certainly recommend her.


I came to Severn Chiropractic Clinic with severe lower back pain and a feeling of disparity in the length of my right leg; as if it had shrunk, making walking painful. My practitioner spent an hour running various checks in all body movement. I was diagnosed with a pelvic problem. I was deeply impressed as I had been to various therapists, none of which had run such an extensive examination, I was fitting in with their programme. Severn Chiropractic got to the bottom of the problem because the practitioners performed a thorough detection and began a holistic programme for healing.


I first heard about Severn Chiropractic Clinic from a friend as I had hurt a joint in my pelvis. I teach Classical Ballet and because of my joint pain I was finding it difficult to walk or sit without pain. I wondered how I could possibly ever teach again. I found that after the first two sessions I began to feel much better and very soon realised that I would be able to continue with the job I love. Ballet is very energetic and demanding.

I can not speak highly enough of Rachel McEwen and all of the Chiropractors I have seen at the practice. They work on the whole being of a person, not just the ailment and it is a real pleasure to visit such a professional organisation.


I broke the humerus in my right arm very badly over three years ago and was left for fifteen months with a non-union of the bone. I went to see Rachel who could not believe I had been left for so long without an operation and said that it needed operating on as soon as possible. I had an appointment with a consultant who agreed that I could not be left in the state that I was in any longer and was operated on at Oswestry. I kept in touch with Rachel as she was interested in my welfare and went back to see her after I had been told my arm had healed in February 2014. I now have much better movement in my right arm due to the help of Pilates and Chiropractic treatment.


I have been attending Severn Chiropractic Clinic for a number of years. Initially I attended with a bad back caused by horse riding and gardening and was in quite a lot of pain however after a few sessions, I felt amazing. I have been back over the years with different problems, mainly back related but also just recently with foot pain. Rachel is an amazing lady. She is always professional, but kind and caring and will treat you as an individual person. I trust her implicitly to treat and find out the cause of pain, wherever it may be.


I started having treatment several years ago following a recommendation from a friend and found it so beneficial that I travel to Shrewsbury from Market Drayton for regular treatments. My problems are non-curable and thus ongoing but Rachel is able to keep me mobile and on much lower levels of pain killers, together with good advice for exercises and many other aspects of health. I have every confidence in her and look forward to my visits and chats!


I had been attending different Chiropractic Clinics for several years and not one had ever diagnosed me with the problem that I actually had. Within 30 minutes of meeting Rachel had her thoughts as to what exactly the problem was. Her diagnosis was correct, confirmed by an orthopaedic referral. I have recommended Severn Chiropractic Clinic to several friends and found the same high level of treatment given to all. The main difference I have personally found apart from the very highly skilled staff is THEY CARE.


I broke my back in 2011 - not a minor break, but the vertebra concerned healed very quickly. However, just as the NHS consultant told me to expect, I was left with significant lower back pain. It didn't get better, and I didn't want long term pain, so I arranged my first appointment with Rachel. I had consulted a chiropractor in Devon some years ago, so I thought I knew what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. Rachel asked some very interesting questions, and once she understood what the problem was, gave me some immediate improvement on my first visit - and showed a much better level of knowledge and diagnostic skill than I had experienced previously. I felt listened to and treated as an individual. Very quickly Rachel traced the precise cause to previously undiagnosed damage to a sacroiliac joint, and helped tremendously. I am now 68 years old and feel more flexible and physically capable than I did twenty years ago. Highly recommended.